It's not you,'s me.

No, IS you.

Listen man, we've been buds for a long time, right? So I'll be honest with you...I'm out the door. With one exception, all my friends are on Facebook. Facebook supports better linking, has mobile apps and generally does a better job at 90% of what you do. You're brilliant at long form posts...but there's little reason for me to bother, now that no one actually would read them.

I'm not deleting my account or antyhing, but I've cancelled my pay account. My money is better spent elsewhere, brah.

To the surprise of absolutely no one

Last week, the media was falling over itself to announce that TLC's 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' had scored record ratings for the channel. What did it mean? Was it the forebear of her presidential chances? Was it an tipping point of America's political landscape? Well....No.

More interesting is the fact that the media seems mute (or more likely distracted by the next shiny thing) to have noticed that, SHOCK!, the show lost a large chunk of it's audience on the second week, and the majority of the key 18-49 demographic that advertisers love. It is, after all, a media curiosity....many first nighters tuned in to see what Palin would do. Now they know and many viewers moved on, their ironic viewing satisfied. The show is still a success; nearly 3 million viewers tuned in. But lets' put that in perspective:

Jon & Kate split: 10.6 Million viewers
Monk (final ep.): 9.4 Million viewers
iCarly guesting Jack Black: 5 Million viewers
Eagles/Redskins game: 15 Million viewers
T.U.F.F. Puppy: 3.4 Million viewers
Walking Dead (4th ep.): 4.7 million viewers

In other words, Palin's show has fallen back into a respectably good ratings point for a TLC show, but weak against network and far weaker than Spongebob or iCarly. IN FACT, she didn't make the top-25 for the week...a top 25 that included THREE RERUN iCarly movies, three showings of WWE wrestling, two episodes of T.U.F.F. Puppy and some Disney and SpongeBob shows.

Palin's show is just another travelogue. It looks well filmed and generally apolitical. It's also no bellwether of American politics or the national character. It's just a TV show.

Comics Dilemma in a Nutshell

Hey Marvel? Remember how you were making Spiderman make a deal with the devil to end his marriage and save his aunt? So you de-aged him and made him single to increase sales? You know, for the kids? People have been tracking sales and....uh, NO, NOT SO MUCH. As far as I can tell, all you did was alienate current readers and didn't pick up ANY new readers.

Which is not really that surprising. Spiderman's sales peaked in 1969 and has been slowly declining ever since. But it's kind of depressing to see exactly how much in recent years. With the exception of J. Michael Stracyzkinski's rejuvenation of the franchise in the early 2000s, sales have gotten steadily worse. Which is made even more stunning when the movies and video games have made Spidey more popular in recent years. But the numbers are kind of stunning and sad, when you see them lined up, year by year.

Jane Siberry. For Free.

Do you know Jane Siberry? She's kind of crazy. She's also a singer-songwriter from Canada who is often mentioned in the same breath as Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell. She ranges from New Wave (when I first heard her) to Jazz and even gospel, I guess.

Oh, and she's also giving away all her music for FREE. Seriously.

A few years back she apparently gave away most of her possessions and then changed her name to Issa and then went on her way, recording under that name and then changing to a self-published 'pay what you want' model. And apparently making more money that way than she did with a label.

So if you ever wanted to try out her music, here's your chance. I recommend The Speckless Sky and When I was a Boy, personally.